TU225 Streamside Earth Day Clean Up!!

Earth Day - Streamside Cleanup, Saturday, 22 April

Earth Day is again upon us, and again there is plenty of refuse throughout Arcadia ready to be retrieved. Anyone interested in participating in the streamside cleanup should meet at the Check Station on Rte 165 at 9:30am this Saturday.

TU225 will be cleaning up the areas along the Wood, Flat, and Falls Rivers in Arcadia, and then, if needed, the Browning Mill Pond Area. This activity will be TU225’s contribution to the “TU National stream cleanup day”, and a statement of our commitment to the Wood River Watershed. If you can, bring a friend, relative, or neighbor, whether a TU member or not. We can use all the help we can muster. The more the merrier!!

Coffee, trash bags, safety vests, and work gloves will be available at the Check Station. However, we suggest you bring a pair of heavy gloves; wading gear is optional. And, of course, bring a camera and take pictures, and a rod to fish when we are done!! See you all Saturday!!